Friday, January 29, 2010

Asian Youth -Doubles Boys Squad A Results

Hi Guys,           

Our young Malaysian boys gave a spirited display in the Asian Youth Doubles Boys Squad A this morning. Our pair was leading from the 1st game till the 5th game and was edged out by the mighty Koreans in the final game.

Aris Ardila was awesome as he was firing on all cylinders with a high charged back to back 266 games. Aris Ardila continued with his onslaught with lines of 224, 235, 213 & 175 for the highest total of 1379 pin-falls, averaged 229.8. Team mate, Khoo Beng Khai gave a satisfactory performance except in the 5th game where he encountered 3 splited frames for a poor 158 games. Beng Khai started off with 226, 195, 201, 257 before the 158 game and reboinded with 223 for a 1260 total, averaged 210.0.

Our Malaysian boys' combined total of 2639 was 54 pins behind leader Korea and we have to wait till the end of the Squad B to confirm our position in the Doubles event.           

The Squad B is in progress now where our Malaysian duo of Johnathan Chan & Syimir Abdul Razak is in action. 

BC Cheah
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Thursday, January 28, 2010

15th Asian Youth Championship update: Unherald duo wins medla for M'sia

Hi Guys,

Our unherald young Malaysian duo of Hurul Ainul and Siti Syazwani defied the odds to clinch the Bronze medal in the Girls Doubles event this morning.
17 years old Hurul was focussed in her approach consistently to reel the lines of 237, 197, 218, 226, 237 & 213 for a commendable 1328 total, averaged 221.3 Hurl covered well for her partner when it mattered most. Team mate, Siti Syazwani played her role well to pace with Hurul as she registered the lines of 192, 211, 247, 258 abd suffered a disastrous 161 & 190 for a 1259 total to average 209.8. The duo's combined total of 2587 was 3 pins behind Silver medalist, Korea.

The other Malaysian pair of Hee Kar Yen & Jacqueline Sijore has a horrendous start when Jacqueline was in jitters to post a poor 151 opening game. Jacqueline then regained her composure to score the lines of 213, 201, 258, 206 & 194 for a 1223 total and averaged 203.8. Hee Kar Yen displayed a good performance to register the lines of 204, 192, 245, 196, 228 & 247 for a 1312 total to average 218.7 The pair's combined total of 2535 was short of 52 pins for a medal.

BC Cheah

Asian Youth C'ships 2010 Singles Boys Results 1st Squad

Hi Guys,

It's another session of encouraging performance by our young Malaysian Boys at the Asian Youth Tenpin Bowling Championships at Cozmo Bowl, in Kuwait City this morning.          

Bowling in the 1st Squad at 09:00am, debutant Khoo Beng Khai overcame his first game jitters by storming home in the last two games to finish 8th in this squad. Beng Khai started off with a subdued 186 game, and followed through with lines of 205, 193, 214. A revitalised Beng Khai then blazed the lanes with 245 in the fifth game and turbo-charged a remarkable 267 on his final game to end on 1310 total, averaged 218.3.          

Lanky Johnathan Chan put up a reasonable par performance as he scored the lines of 199, 225, 202, 205, 224 & 217 for a 1272 total, averaged 212.0 to rank 11th in this squad.          

After the game, both rookies felt satiafactory with their maiden performance and pledged to strive harder in the coming events to win medals for our country.          

The 2nd Squad is scheduled at 1:30pm local time and Malaysians in action are Aris Ardila and Syimir Abdul Razak. 

BC Cheah
Reporting from Cozmo BowlKuwat City.
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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Inspiring start by young Malaysian gals@ Asian Youth

Hi Guys,

It was an inspiring debut for our young Malaysian gals in the opening Girls Singles event of the Asian Youth Bowling Championships 2010 at Cozmo Bowl, Kuwait this morning.

Paired on the same lane with Jacqueline Sijore, petite Hee Kar Yen gave a promising start with a 235 opening game; followed by 216 and 266 for a 3-games series of 717 to rank 3rd place. 18 years old Kar Yen then suffered a hiccup on her 4th game with 3 opened frames to post a poor 176 game but recovered with 219 & 224 for a 1336 total, averaged 222.7 and earned a consolation10th placing.

Meanwhile Jacqueline Sijore ( bowled 225, 153) rebounded strongly from her 3rd game onwards with lines of 245, 231, 259 & 242 to perch on 8th position with 1355 total, averaged 225.8.

Hurul Ainul put up a commendable performance as she reeled the lines of 236, 217, 173, 204, 205 & 249 for a 1284 total, averaged 214.0 for a satisfactory 12th placing.

Siti Syazwani bowled reasonably well as she registered the lines of 208, 195, 188, 182, 235 & 225 for a 1233 total, averaged 205.5 to end on 18th position.

Our Boys' Singles event is scheduled tomorrow.

Regards,BC CheahReporting from Kuwait City.

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Monday, January 25, 2010

Asian Youth Championships 2010 Official Pactice

Hi Guys,

The Team Managers' meeting was conducted at the official hotel at 20:00hrs last night. Team Manager, BC Cheah accompanied by coaches, Foong Tak Meng and Jackson Ting attended the meeting. The meeting was conducted by Tournament Manager, Danny Santos in the presence of the host Manager, together with Jayjay from Kegel and Akagi from Japan at the head table. After the roll-call, this Championships only attracted 8 countries for the Girls’ division with China not fielding a full team (only 3 girls) The other Girls participating countries are Australia, DPR Korea, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Malaysia and Singapore. In the Boys’ division, there are 15 countries but both China and India have only 3 bowlers in their team line-up. The other Boys participating countries are Australia, DPR Korea, Egypt, Hong Kong, Japan Korea, Kuwait, Macau, Malaysia, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore and UAE.

This morning, our young Malaysian team took to the lanes for the official practice session at 11:30am. After the 2 hours official practice session, our coaches, Foong Tak Meng and Jackson Ting were satisfied with our young bowlers’ adaption to the oiling conditions of the lanes. An Official Opening Ceremony is scheduled on January 25 at 19:00hrs and the first event, Girls Singles is planned for January 26 at 09:00hrs. Boys' Singles event is bowled over 2 squads on January 27.

Singles line up for Team Malaysia is appended.

1. Hurul Ainul
2. Siti Syazwani
3. Hee Kar Yen
4. Jacqueline Sijore

1. Khoo Beng Khai
2. Johnathan Chan
3. Syimir Abdul Razak
4. Aris Ardila

BC Cheah

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Kencana -SIC Bikeaton 2010 Criterium Race

Kencana -SIC Bikeaton 2010 Criterium Race

Atlet Pelapis Kebangsaan dan Serantau menguasai podium dengan menyapu
bersih ketegori Junior dari kedudukan no 1 hingga 10.

Kedudukan pelumba dari pelapis serantau adalah seperti berikut :

No 4 M. Asmui B. Ali (kategori Open no 9)
No 6 Mohd Ghazali
No 7 Hamdan Hamidin
No 9 Abd Rashid Ibrahim

Sekian, terima kasih

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Kej Berbasikal SIC di Sepang

Kejohanan Berbasikal SIC yang diadakan di litar lumba kereta F1 di Sepang telah berlangsung pagi ini bermula dari jam 9 pagi dengan ketegori Junior. Pelumba dari Pelapis Kebangsaan dan Serantau turut mengambil bahahgian dlm acara ini. Keputusan akan disampaikan kemudian setelah mendapat pengesahan dari pihak penganjur.
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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Asian Youth C'ships 2010 Update Jan 23

Hi Guys,

Upon arrival at day 1, Team Malaysia took to the lanes at 4:00pm local time. National Youth Chief coach, Foong Tak Meng assisted by Jackson Ting led their charges to test on both the Championships' Long Oil and Short Oil lane patterns. The Asian Youth Bowling Championships venue is a 16 synthetic lanes AMF centre, situated on the 1st floor of a shopping mall, just a 10 minutes drive from our hotel.

Prior to the on lanes session, our bowlers did their warm up ritual. Both coaches were working on the bowlers' equipment. After the unofficial practice session, our team adjourned for dinner and did groceries at the mall.          

Back in the hotel, our Sport Psychologist, How Peck Ngor conducted her mental motivation session before the team members retired for the day.            

At 7:00am this morning, our team went to the hotel gymnasium for our physical workout. At 10:00am, our team then took a bus shuttle to the bowling centre for our unofficial lane practice sessions.         

The Team Managers' meeting is scheduled at 8:00pm local time at the hotel. 

Regards,BC CheahReporting fromCozmo Bowl, Kuwait Cit
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Friday, January 22, 2010


Hi Guys,
The young National Youth Team of Malaysia has arrived safely in Kuwait City for the Asian Youth Tenpin Bowling Champiosnhips 2009. It was a smooth 8 hours direct flight from KLIA to Kuwait City and upon touch down at Kuwait International Airport, our Malaysian team was welcomed by the host official at the gangway of the airport terminal. We were handed the stamped official Kuwait Visa individually and then were ushered through a special lane at the Immigration counter.
A 24 seater coaster shuttled our team to the official hotel, Holiday Inn Salmiya in Kuwait City which is a 0 minutes drive from the airport.
After check in at the hotel, Team meeting was conducted in the Malaysian Team Manager's room. Our Malaysian bowlers were briefed on the mission of our presence at the Championships by the Team Manager as well as the Team coaches.
Team members were told to return to their respective rooms to rest and to assemble in the hotel lobby by 2:30pm local time for our trip to the competition venue. Our team shall test the lanes unofficially at 3:00pm today. Time difference is 5 hours behind Malaysia.
The Team's photo at the competition venue shall be send to you guys later today.

BC Cheah

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Good luck to all bowler in this tournament.

Bowling always give us good result and judging from with the current performance at the just conclude inter state championship we hope they will bring honor to our country in the competition. The best bowler from Asian Country including top rank Korean bowler will compete in this prestigious tournament. Beating the Korean is essential to shows that the current training program are effective and successful.






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Penyelarasan Program Pelapis Bersama Persatuan Sukan Kebangsaan dan Jurulatih

Cawangan Pelapis telah mengadakan perjumpaan bersama Persatuan Sukan Kebangsaan dan jurulatih dibawah program Pelapis bagi membincangkan pelaksanaan program Pelapis secara umum dan isu-isu yang berkaitan dengan latihan termasuk penempatan di SSBJ. Semua yang hadir juga telah di ingatkan tentang sasaran tahun 2010 iaitu Temasya Sukan Malaysia yang akan diadakan pada Jun nanti, YOG di Singapura dan kelayakan ke Asia Games serta Komanwel Games. Selain dari itu semua jurulatih telah di ingatkan untuk menyediakan atlet ke arah Sukan Sea yang di adakan di Indonesia pada tahun 2011 nanti.

Pihak persatuan dan jurulatih telah mengemukakan pelbagai isu termasuk jadual latihan, peralatan, pelepasan persekolahan, peluang pembelajaran, penempatan dan lain-lain lagi. Wakil-wakil persatuan juga telah membangkitkan isu-isu berkaitan sekolah sukan.

Hasil perbincangan ini nanti akan dikemukakan kepada Jawatankuasa Kebajikan yang dijangka akan diadakan pada minggu hadapan.

Sekian terima kasih
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Monday, January 18, 2010

Mesyuarat KUN Bil 01/10

Mesyuarat Ketua Unit, Unit Sukan Prestasi Tinggi Negeri ini diadakan setiap tahun bagi membincangan perancangan program Pelapis di peringkat negeri. Untuk mesyuarat kali ini semua ketua unit negeri telah diminta untuk membentangkan laporan pelaksanaan program pelapis negeri bagi tahun 2009 disamping penilaian KPI masing-masing.

Terdapat perubahan senarai KUN yang baru dengan pelantikan En. Hairul Anuar telah dilantik sebagai PKU Perlis yang baru manakala En. Lufti telah kembali melaporkan diri ke USPTN Melaka setelah tamat tempoh pinjaman bersama Persatuan Sepaktakraw Malaysia.

Selamat bermesyuarat kepada semua

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Saturday, January 16, 2010

23rd Malaysian Interstate Championship

The new bowling manager from Pelapis Kebangsaan En. Amreen Johar visited and witnessed the Malaysian National Championship at Pyramid Lanes, PJ. He was introduced to MTBC's officials BC Cheah, Sidney Tung and Roliah Harun. He also met PK coach Azidi Ameran and Director of Coaching, Mr. Tony Lim. He was so lucky to witness a perfect game by PK bowler Adlin Nadirah. During qualifying Nur Diana Hussin PK bowler and representing KL for the interstate championship shot the first 300 perfest game. She won Canon Legria FS200 Camcorder.

Snippets from MTBC website:

KL youth shoots first 300
15th January, P.Jaya: The star of the 23rd Malaysian Interstate Championship, Nur Diana Hussin, who won three gold medals, shot the first perfect game of the 34th Malaysian National Championship and won a Canon Legria FS200 Camcorder.

Having automatically qualified for the Youth Girl's Open Masters finals as the Interstate All-Events champion, Nur Diana Hussin took to the lanes as a warm-up practice before Friday's finals.

Nur Diana opened her 4-game qualifying round with 239 and 238 and then fired the magical 300 in the third game. Overwhelmed by her achievement, she was slightly unsettled to end with 191 for a total of 968.

Although the Kuala Lumpur lass topped the standings with her new scoreline, she will have to give away her spot as she has already made the finals automatically.

"I'm totally shocked to have fired the 300. It's my first 300 since I

started bowling four years ago," said a delighted Nur Diana, who won a Canon Legria FS200 Camcorder, courtesy of Canon Marketing (M) Sdn Bhd.

Nur Diana today will have for company in the race for the title, her fellow national youth teammates from last year, KL's Hee Kar Yen, Sarawak's Jacqueline Jenelee and Dayang Khairuniza, Perlis' Hurul Ainul Abd Razak and Negri Sembilan's Adlin Nadhirah.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

JKK Sepak Takraw

Good discussion today on sepak takraw. Few decision made which involved directly on pelapis program. The association will organize special selection on 6-7 Feb at NSC gym to identified new player for Asian Games and Pelapis squad also. All player are invited to attend the Open Selection. New coaching setup also introduce.

We hope this new will push sepak takraw to new height and win the elusive gold medal in Asian Games.
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Thursday, January 7, 2010


31 Disember 2009 (Khamis)
Burnie, Tasmania, Australia

Hari ini skuad negara telah ke Burnie kerana berlangsung acara Kriterium (Jalanraya). Perjalanan ke sana mengambil masa sekitar setengah jam untuk sampai ke lokasi pertandingan. Bagi acara ini hanya tiga (3) atlet elit akan mengambil bahagian. Atlet Pelapis tidak mengambil bahagian kerana skuad ini hanya membawa basikal trek sahaja ke Tasmania, Australia.

Tiga atlet Elit yang mengambil bahagian adalah Amir Rusli, Akmal Harun dan Zamani Mustarudin. Daripada tiga (3) atlet Elit yang mengambil bahagian hanya Amir Rusli berjaya menamatkan perlumbaan dan mendapat tempat kelapan daripada 30 pelumba yang bertanding.

Sekian, laporan ringkas dari Tasmania..

1 Januari 2010 (Jumaat)
Burnie, Tasmania, Australia
(Sirkit – 6)

Hari ini adalah hari terakhir skuad Elit dan Pelapis Kebangsaan bertanding di dalam ‘Christmas Carnival Series 2009/2010’. Perlumbaan hari ini berlangsung di veledrome terbuka Burnie. Skuad negara tidak akan mengikuti baki dua (2) sirkit yang akan diadakan di Hobart dan St. Helens.

Hari terakhir beraksi di Tasmania memberikan keputusan yang amat positif kepada skuad Pelapis Kebangsaan. Bagi acara ’B Grade Scratch – Men’ skuad Pelapis Kebangsaan berjaya menduduki tempat pertama melalui Yusrizal Usoff. Tempat ketiga pula adalah Muhamad Faiz Syarifuddin Abd Kadir diikuti Mohamad Fakhruddin Dawod (ke 4) dan Muhammad Mustaqim Abd Kadir di tempat kelima.

Di dalam acara ’Men’s 3000m Wheelrace’, atlet Pelapis Kebangsaan iaitu Yusrizal Usoff sekali lagi hampir menempatkan diri di dalam kelompok pemenang namun beliau hanya memperolehi tempat kelima di dalam acara berkenaan.

Bagi acara wanita pula, Ju Pha A/P Som Net berjaya mencuri tumpuan dan memperolehi tempat keempat di dalam acara ’Women’s B Grade Scratch’. Tempat pertama dimenangi oleh Monica Bonasera dari pasukan Western Australia, diikuti tempat kedua oleh Laine Hammond dari Victoria manakala tempat ketiga Janella Smith (Tasmania).

Esok pagi @ 2 Januari 2010, Skuad Pelapis Kebangsaan dan tiga (3) atlet Elit akan bertolak balik ke Melbourne dan seterusnya skuad Pelapis Kebangsaan akan transit selama tujuh (7) jam di Lapangan Terbang Tullemarine, Melbourne sebelum berangkat ke LCCT, Kuala Lumpur pada 3 Januari 2010 dengan pesawat Air Asia.

Laporan ringkas dari Tasmania bagi penyertaan sulung Skuad Pelapis kebangsaan di dalam ’Christmas Carnival Series 2009/2010’.

Salam dari Tasmania.....

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


30 Disember 2009 (Rabu)
Devonport, Tasmania, Australia
(Sirkit 5 – Hari Kedua)

Skuad negara sekali lagi ke venue pertandingan sama pada hari ini. Nyata situasi ini memberi kelebihan kepada atlet skuad Pelapis Kebangsaan apabila mula menunjukkan peningkatan di dalam perlumbaan dan berjaya mendapat tiga tempat terbaik di dalam dua (2) acara yang dipertandingkan.

Mohammad Fakhruddin Dawod beraksi cemerlang di dalam acara ‘Handicap 2000m Wheelrace’ apabila berjaya mengikut rapat pemenang tempat pertama iaitu Peter Spencer dari Queensland dan Matt Glaetzer dari South Australia.

Manakala Muhd Arfy Qhairant Amran mendapat tempat kedua di dalam acara ’C Grade Scratch’. Beliau tewas kepada atlet Western Australia iaitu Bradley Robson. Tempat ketiga diisi oleh Luke Parker, atlet dari Victoria.

Seorang lagi atlet Pelapis Kebangsaan iaitu Mohamad Fakhruddin Dawod telah layak ke pertandingan akhir acara ’Men’s 3000m Wheelrace’ namun tewas di dalam perlumbaan tersebut.

Bagi acara ’Men’s Sprint - UCI’, Shane Perkins sekali lagi mendapat tempat pertama diikuti atlet Elit negara iaitu Hafiz Sufian di tempat kedua, Junaidi Nasir (ketujuh), Azizul Hasni Awang (10) dan Syamil Bahrum (12).

Di dalam acara ’Men’sTeam Sprint’ skuad Elit negara yang dibarisi Azizul Hasni Awang, Edrus Yunos dan Hafiz Sufian mendapat tempat ketiga manakala Junaidi Nasir, Harrif Salleh dan Syamil Bahrum mendapat tempat keempat di belakang pasukan New Zealand yang dibarisi Eddie Dewkins, Simon Van Velthooven dan Ethan Mitchell yang mendapat tempat pertama. Pasukan Australia 1 dibarisi pelumba seperti Joel Leonard, Maddison Hammond serta Shane Perkins mendapat tempat kedua.

Sekian laporan dari Devonport, Tasmania.


29 Disember 2009 (Selasa)
Devonport, Tasmania, Australia
(Sirkit 4 – Hari Pertama)

Perjalanan mengambil masa selama setengan jam untuk sampai ke Devonport, sebuah bandar kecil pelabuhan. Lokasi veledrome ini terletak berdekatan dengan pantai serta pelabuhan tersebut.

Hari ini Akmal Amrun, atlet dari skuad Elit mendapat tempat ketiga acara ’A Grade Scratch’. Beliau tewas kepada Scott Law dari New South Wales yang mendapat tempat pertama dan Maddison Hammond dari Victoria yang mandapat tempat kedua.

Manakala bagi skuad Pelapis Kebangsaan, Yusrizal Usoff berjaya mencuri tumpuan John Beasley @ jurulatih skuad negara apabila berjaya mendapat tempat ketiga bagi acara ‘B Grade Scratch’. Tempat pertama dinobatkan kepada atlet dari Queensland iaitu Zac Deller diikuti tempat kedua kepada Nathan Corringan-Martella dari New South Wales. Satu permulaan yang baik.

Seorang lagi atlet Pelapis Kebangsaan iaitu Muhammad Mustaqim Abd Kadir telah layak ke perlumbaan akhir namun tewas di dalam acara ‘Men’s Handicap 1000m’.

Bagi acara ‘Men’s Keirin – UCI’, Azizul Hasni Awang mendapat tempat kedua di belakang Shane Perkins dari Australia manakala Barry Forde dari Barbados di tempat ketiga. Atlet lain dari skuad Elit iaitu Junaidi Nasir di tempat kelima, Edrus Yunos (10) dan Harrif Salleh (!2).

Sekian, laporan ringkas dari Tasmania, Australia.


28 Disember 2009 (Isnin)
Launceston, Tasmania, Australia
(Sirkit 3)

Pada hari ini, skuad Elit dan Pelapis Kebangsaan perlu menempuh perjalanan jauh selama lebih sejam untuk sampai ke venue pertandingan di Launceston. Perjalanan jauh pada hari ini amat berbaloi khususnya buat Azizul Hasni Awang apabila beliau beraksi cemerlang di dalam veledrome tertutup dengan trek sepanjang 287 meter yang dikenali sebagai ’Silverdome’. Skuad ini bertolak ke Launceston pada jam 11.00 pagi dan kembali ke tempat penginapan pada lewat malam kerana acara terakhir berakhir pada jam 11.00 malam.

Hari Azizul Hasni Awang bermula apabila beliau mendapat tempat pertama acara ‘Men’s Sprint – UCI’ setelah menewaskan saingannya iaitu Shane Perkins dari Australia di tempat kedua dan Eddie Dawkins (New Zealand) di tempat ketiga. Pencapaian atlet Elit lain di dalam acara ini adalah seperti senarai berikut Junaidi Nasir (12), Harrif Salleh (13), Hafiz Sufian (15) dan Syamil Bahrum (16).

Penguasaan Azizul Hasni Awang berterusan apabila beliau terus mendominasi acara ‘Men’s Keirin – UCI’ setelah menewaskan Sam Webster dari New Zealand di tempat kedua dan Matt Glaetzer dari Australia di tempat ketiga. Pencapaian terbaik atlet Elit lain di dalam acara ini adalah Edrus Yunos apabila mendapat tempat ke12.

Malam gemilang skuad Elit negara khususnya buat Azizul Hasni Awang dan rakan sepasukan iaitu Edrus Yunos dan Hafiz Sufian sukar digugat oleh pihak lawan apabila mendapat tempat pertama acara ‘Men’s Team Sprint’. Tempat kedua diisi oleh New Zealand dan diikuti oleh Australia 1 manakala satu lagi pasukan Malaysia yang dibarisi oleh Junaidi Nasir, Harrif Salleh dan Syamil Bahrum mendapat tempat keenam.

Malam gemilang mungkin berterusan di dalam acara akhir ‘Men’s Handicap 2000m’ buat atlet Pelapis Kebangsaan sekiranya Muhammad Syahriwan Mohd Shari tidak terlibat di dalam kemalangan ketika beliau berada di kedudukan selesa menuju ke garisan penamat.

Perjalanan pulang selama lebih sejam tidak terasa akibat kepenatan serta kepuasan dengan pencapaian pada malam ini.

Laporan dari Tasmania untuk hari kedua pertandingan bagi skuad negara.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


26 Disember 2009 (Sabtu)
Latrobe, Tasmania, Australia
(Sirkit 2)

Hari ini skuad berbasikal Pelapis Kebangsaan (PK) dan Elit bertolak ke Latrobe seawal jam 7.00 pagi untuk menyertai Sikit ke 2 bagi ’Christmas Carnival Series 2009/2010’. Skuad ini tidak mengambil bahagian di dalam Sirkit 1 yang telah diadakan di Rosebery beberapa hari sebelum sambutan Krismas. Perjalanan mengambil masa hampir 45 minit dari tempat penginapan untuk sampai ke venue pertandingan iaitu sebuah veledrome terbuka di Latrobe.

Acara pada pagi ini dimulakan dengan acara ‘Men Sprint - UCI’ pada pukul 10.00 pagi, namun khabar gembira buat skuad negara tiba melalui acara ’Handicap 2000m Wheelrace’ apabila atlet skuad elit negara iaitu Akmal Amrun meraih tempat pertama dan Harrif Salleh di tempat kedua.

Keceriaan skuad negara sedikit tersentap setelah Azizul Hasni Awang tewas kepada Jackson Law dari New South Wales dan Peter Loft (Launceston) untuk meraih tempat ketiga bagi acara ’Handicap 3000m Wheelrace’. Nyata kelebihan yang diperolehi dua atlet berkenaan melalui acara ini apabila bermula di petak hadapan digunakan sebaik mungkin untuk menewaskan pelumba handalan negara ini.

Penampilan sulung atlet PK iaitu Yusrizal Usoff di kejohanan ini memberi sedikit keceriaan khususnya buat skuad Pelapis Kebangsaan walaupun beliau sekadar mendapat tempat keempat di dalam acara ’B Grade Scratch’ di belakang Alex Edmunson dari South Australia di tempat pertama diikuti Peter Spencer (Queensland) di tempat kedua dan Mitchell Bullen di tempat ketiga.

Acara ’Men’s Sprint - UCI’ dikuasai oleh Shane Perkins dari Australia setelah menewaskan atlet-atlet skuad Elit negara iaitu Azizul Hasni Awang di tempat kedua dikuti oleh Junaidi Nasir (ketiga), Syamil Bahrum (keempat), Edrus Yunos (keenam) dan Hafiz Sufian di tempat ke 11.

Shane Perkins sekali lagi beraksi cemerlang di dalam acara ’Men’s Keirin – UCI’ apabila beliau mendapat tempat pertama mengalahkan atlet skuad Elit negara iaitu Hafiz Sufian di tempat kedua diikuti Eddie Dawkins New Zealand di tempat ketiga, Barry Forde (Barbados) di tempat keempat dan Junaidi Nasir (kelima), Azizul Hasni Awang (keenam) serta Harrif Salleh (kesembilan).

Kecemerlangan skuad negara terserlah di dalam acara ’Men’s Team Sprint – UCI’ apabila pasukan Malaysia 2 yang dibarisi oleh Junaidi Nasir, Harrif Salleh dan Syamil Bahrum mendapat tempat pertama acara berkenaan. Tempat kedua diisi oleh pelumba dari pasukan New Zealand manakala tempat ketiga juga dikuasai oleh atlet dari skuad Elit iaitu pasukan Malaysia 1 yang dikemudi oleh Azizul Hasni Awang. Edrus Yunos dan Hafiz Sufian.

Manakala bagi acara wanita iaitu ’Women’s Pointscore – UCI’ Fatehah Mustapa menduduki tempat ketujuh. Tempat pertama hingga tempat keenam dikuasai oleh pelumba Australia didahului oleh Megan Dunn, diikuti oleh Belinda Goss dan seterusnya Isabella King, Kirsty Broun, Amy Cure serta Micheala Anderson.

Acara pada hari ini tamat pada pukul 7 petang. Esok adalah hari Ahad dan tiada pertandingan akan dikelolakan... sesuai untuk skuad ini merehatkan badan serta mengkaji prestasi masing-masing.

Sekian laporan dari Tasmania...